Wednesday, December 11, 2013

BBLA Fam Introduces: Agnes

Get to know us, get to love us! Join the BBLA Fam as we do a little digging into our personal lives! 


Where are you from?: Portland, Oregon

Social Media: AgnesOfGod Facebook

How would you describe your style?: Simple, Minimalist, "Fast-Forward". I'm really into silhouettes before trend, color blocking, and texture.  

Whats yo sign: Double Libra. And couldn't be more fabulous. 

Favorite clothing era: I love LOVE the late 80's early nineties. When abstraction and avante garde was the motivation for fashion and high-fashion grandios was conceived. I think what best characterizes that time was either a Pet Shop Boy video or an Everything but the Girl music video. 

If you had a lifetime supply of any designer who would it be? Philip Lim. Or if the Universe was on a budget - Zara. 

Philip Lim 
 Philip Lim


What do you do in your free time: I design acrylic accessories, menswear and tailor clothing for men and women. 
Spirit animal: Madonna 

Words to live by: "It's universal law everything, the good, the bad, and the most difficult, has to end as they began."

Favorite Song/Band/Station: "I'm God" Clams Casino
What were you wearing in high school: Neon Colors, Raver Pants and Candy Bracelets I never really got from raves. 

Current obsession: Fendi anything and garments with nickel zippers

Man Crush: George Lewis Jr. from Twin Shadow 

Woman Crush: Nista Permpoon NYC Stylist  & Michelle Harper Fashion Extremist 

Favorite piece in the shop:  

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     Instagram: AgnesOfGod 
    Facebook: Facebook

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