Friday, February 28, 2014

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Happy Friday

A Face Lift? How LA of Us, We Just Had To!

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday Photo Blast: Franco Fontana

You know me, visual stimulation gets me going...and Italian photographer Franco Fontana doesn't have to work too hard. A fave of mine.. and I'm sure to plenty....oh that eye is gold!! 
Take a look, google him, find more enjoy. 
De'La Moon

& A Special Happy Birthday to Miss Karen Marley

Yesterday marked fellow Pisces & BBLA Owner Karen Marleys earthstrong! 
So here it a goes...

Peace and love to you!!

xox De'La & BBLA Fam

Can you get enough of that smile!!!???

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

For Reeaaal..My Love For Pharrell

I love Pharrell. Like.. you know hes haha. Seriously though..he's just a cool ass guy man. The beats work, hes got that style and he got some cute little dance moves...whats not to like. So imagine how awesome it was to wake up to being able to stream his new album.. ummm hellls yes. & of course.. I couldn't help but to want to share it with you and possibly take it back through a little journey of my favorite Pharrell moments!!!


Wake Up Wednesdays

As I am sure most of you try to live as much as a positive life as I do.. I just know I am not alone when it comes to occasionally having those bad days. Maybe you didn't sleep well, maybe there's something going on thats just got you down. When having these moments I love jumping into my journal or scouring through some books for a little bit of uplifting. Here are a few to get you through the day...peace loves!!!

xx De'La