Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BC Kingdom: Ones to Watch

Over the last 7- 8 years I have dabbled in out of this lala land of Los Angeles. It's one of those places where you have the chance to come across some ace people. the ones who no matter how frequently you run into each other, there's always a trail of good vibes, and lots of love flowin.

I met Chris and Logan during the beginning of my journey here an have watched them grown into some pretty freakin cool ass dudes. I mean...they did put me in their very first video..and I became slightly obsessed with the single Return To Me! Its the perfect wake up, dance it off, get dressed dance it up, drive to work, groove it out, prep for the night soundtrack..on repeat of course...

Now if you grew up in the 90's...your gonna love the vibe they continuously give off not to mention their ability to do an amazing job at bringing forth a contemporary yet damn that takes me back sound. They've got the whole style thing down pact, staying true to who they have always been while consistently evolving is what sets them apart and these guys are the perfect example of keeping it real!

Not only were they featured on the Saint Heron R&B compilation album with other amaaaazing artists..they have just released some more new music and I must say..I am and will always be #DWN4U GUYS!

Take a listen, become a fan , and follow these won't regret it!!
xxx De'La

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