Saturday, February 8, 2014

Black History Month Flashback: My Overwhelming Obsession w/ The Wiz

Wait wait, don't run away, I promise this post will not contain too much of my musical second life dreams! Just the complete radness of a film that didn't do very well..but filled many kid's dreams..including my own, full of life size munchkins and r&b singing witches and crows! Directed by the ever so awesome Sidney Lumet, The Wiz is your African American version of The wizard of OZ featuring some of the best Black entertainers of all time....Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russel, Ted Ross, Richard Pryer and many many more!

As with all movies we love, there are always the scenes that tend to leave their mark. Mine just so happens to be the Emerald City scene. With costumes designed by Norma Kamali (a BBLA fave).. the over the top and extremely gaudy choreography forever had me gliding through the hallways in whatever draped gown I could find rummaging through grandmas gigantic walk in closet!

With the underlying message urging those to be the same, & follow the same trends which changes under the direction of the Wiz....'s still damnnnn good! Oh and be yourself, follow your own path know the drill!!

xx De'La

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