Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hassan Hajjaj & My New Year's Resolution to Ride

"Nikee Rider"
"Gang of Marrakesh"
"Kesh Angels"

(Hassan Hajjaj/ all images courtesy of Taymour Grahne Gallery, New York)

SOoo...this year I set a multitude of goals to accomplish for myself. Here's my list:
1. More travel.
2. Be more positive.
3. Leave negativity & doubt behind.
4. Give more of myself to others & into my work. 
5. Live in the present, rather than the past or the future.
6. Learn how to ride a motorcyle & get one.

So I've been saving up money for my first started bike, which will be a Honda CB 350. 

All in all I'm not an experience rider, but I know how I feel when I ride on the back of one.  This quote below sums it up for me.
In keeping with this new found calling, imagine my delightful surprise when I learned about a photography project exhibit by Hassan Hajjaj. An exhibit show-casing women from Morroco, specifically from Marrakesh, are dressed in veils and colorful  traditional robes, called djellabahs, whom are posed on motorcycles and smiling behind stylish sunglasses.
Hassan, photographs what  influences him: hip-hop, motorcycle culture, and life-style brands like Fanta and Nike. The photography introduces viewers to the less-familiar sight of Marrakesh bike culture.

"According to Hajjaj, motorcycles are just another part of life in Marrakesh. Everyone uses them to get around, including the women he photographs.
Hajjaj, who moved to London as a teenager, attributes his visual style to nostalgia for the place he grew up: Bright, contrasting color, bold textiles, and even the brand repetition around the frame, which he says is a nod to Moroccan mosaics."

Here's to keeping those 2014 resolutions & persuing the dream of every day freedom riding!


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