Monday, February 10, 2014

In Review: Yesterday's Shopwalk!!

The sun was shining, weather was sweet...It was a rather beautiful day this past Sunday. Bird's chirpin, leaves falling. There was a light breeze and it seemed as if everyone and their dog had decided to take a walk. Not to mention the amount of good lookers out there.. oh yes..there were some babes!

#Shopwalk Instas






As per usual the day was spent with wine, new friends and lots of shoppers spending their enddssss.. it was a good day for all and as I cruised around the neighborhood I snapped a few shots at a few things that caught my eye.

Cute outfits in front of @buttonsandbowsla

Prints and Solids at La Tres Lingerie

All you need to set the mood right... @curiolosangeles

The moment I walked up stairs to this lovely popup there was an overwhelming sense of calmness. These ladies know exactly what they're doing and I cant wait to do some more research and pretty much stalk all of their profiles!!!

Window Displays at @beautiful_ful
Looks like someones getting laid....

Booty shorts on display at @roundtwodtla

I mean hello...sometimes you gotta let it hang out...!!!!!

I had a good time, and if you were around I hope you did too. Saty tuned for the next SHOPWALKDTLA Coming Soon!

xx De'La

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