Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Join us for Artwalk Tomorrow: Love is the Law Magazine Presents: Marques Toliver w/ Possible Special Guest!!

It's that time again... ARTWALK is just around the corner and never fear... BBLA has got you covered with not only some amazing new arrivals to shop that night (a new vintage Gaultier top came in today ;-)) but we'll also be introducing Love is the Law Magazine along with one of its creators and editors in chief Marques Toliver. Who is not only about to head off on a small west coast tour, but will be performing throughout the night. 

Let me just tell you guys and girls what a treat this will be! I think Barry Walters explained him best for his write up for emusic's (  ), Who is... Marques Toliver. 

  "Both a classical violinist and R&B singer-songwriter, this 26-year-old world traveler boasts talents too big and broad to fit into any one box. On his stunning London-recorded Bella Union debut album Land of CanAan, Toliver combines literary and historical influences — among them, Frederick Douglass and James Baldwin — with music that ably blends an unlikely combination of Bach, Bobby Womack and Antony and the Johnsons. His voice may be urgent, but his virtuoso playing, elegant melodies and heavenly arrangements are the height of refinement. It’s not pop with strings tacked on: Violins supply the heart of nearly every song and Toliver plays all of them plus cello, guitar, keys and more. The result is southern soul mixed with equally intimate chamber music to create a third deeply spiritual, yet-to-be-named thing."

The guy is ahhhhhhmazing and captivates you immediately with his passion and overtly honest emotion within his music. It goes to show how some "musicians" are truly artist and that's where Love is The Law comes into the picture. 

With Marques being the ultimate artist and connecting with the likes of friends, Tom Minor, and Lucy Mason, they put together the ultimate magazine of talented artists, writers, musicians, etc.  Better said in their words, Love is the Law Magazine is " arts magazine celebrating the sensuous in art, literature and life. our tagline is Aesthetics, seduction, musings.”

So get ready folks... Save the date... Thursday Feb. 13th6-9pm

Album for sale: $10
Magazine for sale: $5 

We will also be offering 10% off to all customers who purchase a BBLA item along with the magazine or album! Support local and independents ;-). 

Checkout what Love is The Law is up to:
Twitter: @loveisthelawmag

Jacket and shoes his own
Pants- Dear drop crotch pant
Black felt hat- Deus

Check out one of my favorite performances of Marquis, that I playyyyy all the timeeee.
Thursday night can't come soon enough!

To follow Marques Toliver: 

Instagram: @MarquesToliver
Twitter: @MarquesToliver


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