Monday, February 3, 2014

Muse(ic) Monday x Erykah Badu

And here it is ladies and gentlemen!
In continuance with the previous “Latest Obsession: and its not even out yet!” post, the images for the Givenchy SS14 campaign  have been released and boy am I not disappointed.

Along with today being Muse(ic) Monday, I wanted to shine more light on Queen Badu! Aside from having the voice to get me groovin on any given day, her entire aura just reeks so much realness. Not one to conform and always down to speak her mind especially through her music Miss Badu has always got it going on. The BBLA team is all about individuality when it comes to our style and interests and it makes all the sense in the world to add Erykah Badu to our list of bad asses babes!

Come along for visual/sound ride as I go through some of my favorite Erykah Badu music videos. 


Images found via google.

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