Monday, March 3, 2014

Woman Crushin on a Monday: Oscars Edition

Before I overload you with some very dapper and talented men to crush on..lets not forget the ladies..

Oh the ladies were amazing..Miss Lupita fulfilled the princess fanstasy..and reminded me I better get on the job because my dreams are VALID!!!

Hats off to the beauty, What a win right?

ugh this dress!!!!

I mean come on!! Prada or Nada!

Oh..& .Scandal just so happened  to return this past Thursday...daddy issues? Yes..

Kerry Washington glowing like the beautiful pregnant goddess she is? Yes Yes Yes!..

A favorite film of mine has always been Elizabeth staring the amazing Kate Blanchet..

and ohhh..
What a freakin Stunner!

Armani? Yes Please!

until next year..

xxx De'La

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