Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Mood: Edible Fashion Accessories

Happy Top of the Week!!  : - ) 

Don't worry.... the week will fly by before you know it! 
So here are some cool visuals by Fulvio Bonavia, to get you out of your Monday Funk!.  

These images are from Fulvio's book: A Matter Of Taste 
Check out his website here >>>>  Fulvio Bonavia


Friday, April 18, 2014

Stay-Cation: Things To Do In L.A.

Thank God It's Friday!!  

The weekend is here, and lots of you are still fleeing the city for Palm Springs or Coachella. 
But if you're currently on a budget like myself, you can plan a Stay-Cation!! 
L.A. has a great Art scene and lots of free inspiration to indulge in. So no worries, your weekend will not be a waste! Lets get you started with a free event at HVW8 

Photograph of an enlarged classic photo of John Lydon captured by Janette Beckman 
(outside of HVW8)
Photo by: GracePoon

Janette Beckman is a legendary, London-born, New York- based photographer.
 Janette's exhibition: "Rebel Cultures: Punks, Rap, and Gangs" opened last night at HVW8 and will run through May 18th. 
You can find classic photos of London and New York's Punk Scene, East L.A. Gangs, Keith Haring, EPMD and Rakim, and ultimate babe, Debbie Harry! All dating from the 1970's and 80's. 
So go get cultured and check out some amazing photographs!!
For more info on this exhibition and Janette Beckman, Click the >>>> >> Link

Have a great Weekend!

All Photo's By: GracePoon

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WCW : Zoe Kravitz

Our WCW of the week is the lovely Zoe Kravitz!! 
Daughter of the ever so handsome rocker, Lenny Kravitz and everyones Cosby Sweetheart and Style icon, Lisa Bonet!

Zoe is super beautiful.. obviously! But she is our pick because she is more than just looks. She is also very talented. She is an actress, where you can catch her in some great Indie Movies as well as the latest Box Office Hit: Divergent.

And just in case you've been living under a rock... Zoe also takes after her dad and has a band of her own called Lolawolf.  It's an electro- pop band she and her buddies started out in Brooklyn.

Happy Hump Day Lovers!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

5 Tips for A Flat Stomach

It's Crop Top and Bikini Season, and we all want that Flat Tummy... Stat!!

I'm personally the absolute worst when it comes to dieting, but I love healthy/organic eating. I'm always up for a challenge especially when it means quick results! 
        So thats why I'm sharing with you the beautiful Kristina  from "Fully Raw Kristina"  She specializes in Raw Foods and she has tons of really cool recipes available on her Pinterest and Youtube, including: Fully Raw Carrot Cake, Cantaloupe Mint Sorbet, and even Fully Raw Coffee!! Kristina shares with us her tips on achieving a flat stomach in only 5 easy steps.

Click the >>>>> Link to watch Kristina explain the 5 steps listed below.

1) Drink lots of water: FullyRaw Vitamin Infused Lemonade when you first wake up in the AM. Recommended 32-64 oz daily. You can also drink fresh juices! If you need some recommended recipes, check out my Watermelon Juice Secret, Soulshine Juice, or Sunburst Juice here on my channel.

2) Eat FullyRaw Foods: Challenge yourself to 2-3 FullyRaw Meals a Day. Not telling you to go 100% FullyRaw right away... but give it a try. It's much easier and more delicious than you think!

3) Eliminate meat and dairy. The benefits associated with eliminating animal products are HUGE. Eliminating these hormones, bacterias, and fats from your diet can flush your system, giving you a flat belly. Take it to the next level: eliminate gluten. Watch the weight fall off!

4) Do 10 minutes of easy ab workouts like the ones in my video. My favorites are squats, planks, bicycle crunches, and jump roping!

5) Don't eat after 7-8 PM or stop eating 3 hours before bed. Eating FullyRaw is also the daylight diet. Eat when the sun is up and rest when the sun in down. :) 

They do say "you are what you eat" ... What have you been putting into your body?

Fully Raw Coffee!

    Deep Dish Fully Raw Vegan Lasagna!

Cantaloupe Mint Sorbet

Fully Raw Carrot Cake!

The beautiful Kristina Carrillo- Bucaram 
P.S. .. her glow is all natural, make-up free! Due to all the goodness she puts into her body!

Are you guys ready for the challenge??? 

Follow Kristina's Instagram @fullyrawkristina  for more tips. 

Good Luck!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Coachella: Style Guide

It's Friday and I'm sure all you Boho Babes are already on your way to Coachella!
 But for those of you who haven't even packed your bag yet... no worries, we got you covered!
We created a mini vision board for all you first timers. This should give you a vibe of how to create the perfect "Coachella Look"  
But the most important tip is: dress comfy and keep it light. It's super hot in Indio. It's the desert!! 
So don't forget your shades and sun screen. And most of all.. Have fun!

Xx- G.P.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

W.C.W. : Nicole Richie

This sexy wife and mother of two makes this "hump" day look and feel so much better!!  Nicole Richie is this weeks "WCW" because she is not only a business woman with amazing style.... but she is hilarious! And we all love a person that can make us laugh.

If you're not up to speed with Nicole's hair style/color changes and new deal with VH1, then keep scrolling!
We've posted some of our favorite looks, a couple of "candids" from her show, and two videos from her web series "Candidly Nicole" to get you started!

Happy Wednesday!

Nicole Richie by: Justin Coit
Purple Hair Photoshop
Met Gala 2013 

"Candidly Nicole" - Candids 
Nicole's web series has been picked up on VH1, who will be airing her half hour episodes this July!