Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WCW: 90's Top Model Carre Otis

Before there was Erin Wasson, there was original bad ass top model Carre Otis. I must admit, I wasn't too familiar with Carre. I mean, I've seen some of her iconic images somewhere or rather, but never did I get to know this stunning beauty. What actually caught my attention was some of her striking resemblance to Erin Wasson, at least in my opinion. The beach wave hair, multiple snapshots of cigarettes in hand and mouth, and of course their similar eyebrow structure and beady blue eyes.  While researching, you'll see several articles or references of Otis being a 'self-destructive' model. So much often that you see such like the late Gia Carengi. In her book Beauty Disrupted she candidly writes about her struggle to overcome anorexia, as well as drug and alcohol addictions, and the spiritual quest that eventually led her to Buddhism.
So glad I decided to do my #WCW on the lovely Carre Otis and getting to know the captivating beauty. So often we see and read about these similar stories to keep up and live to the idealism placed on beauty. Interestingly so, at what cost to achieve and maintain it. All in all, we all have our demons and ways of achieving to be a part of the glamorous and youthful society that we so often see in magazines and now social media. If you don't know much about Carre Otis, I would suggest getting to know her & getting to love her. Definitely one of my new 90's timeless beauty favorites. 



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