Monday, June 30, 2014

Caribbean Fashion Week featuring Marley Apparel: Recap

A throw-back post on a Monday may be unheard of these days, but hey this is how BBLA gets down! jk.
I would like to take you babes back to 2 weeks ago, and recap Cedella Marley's amazing runway show during Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) held at the National Indoor Sports Center in Kingston, Jamaica.
CFW is an internationally renowned fashion week featuring exceptionally talented designers and attracts major celebrities every year.
Marley Apparel is a new and exciting men’s clothing line, drawing inspiration and paying tribute to the late and legendary Bob Marley and his signature style during the 60’s and 70’s.
Designed by his eldest daughter Cedella Marley, the collection embodies Marley’s passion for life in the studio and on the soccer field. Iconic images of Marley are brought to life using high quality and sustainable fabrics to create a collection of modern day casual-wear with a retro twist.
The Marley Apparel Fall/Winter 2014 Collection boasts a series of heavy cotton-slub varsity sweaters, washed cotton twill bottoms, French terry knits and chambray woven men’s shirts.
Every design element in this exclusive new collection serves to stay true to Bob's fashion sensibility- from top of the range sustainable fabrics to distressed enameled buttons. Each garment is adorned with a Marley Apparel signature tea-stained woven label, featuring the Rastafarian spiritual symbol of a crown.
Below I added a few of my favorite looks from the collection. Check it out ya'll!


Karen Marley of Marley Apparel, Representative and Stylist
Show Styled by: Karen Marley, co-founder of Buttons and Bows
A portion of net proceeds from the sale of Marley Apparel will go to the One Love Gardens initiative. One Love Gardens helps fund and create self-sufficient, eco-friendly plots of land for the less affluent communities to grow food and herbs in Jamaica and eventually around the world

One Love!

Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm a faux DIY Hair Goddess Guru

Hey gals! It's rare I get to share my personal regimen on how-to's (which i don't have many), but if you're like me and you loathe how unworkable clean hair is, then read up! It's officially summer and it's the time for achieving the beach summer hair look! 
I am probably the most low-maintenance chick on the planet when it comes to maintaining my locks. I hardly have time for a good blow dry before heading into the shop, and let's be honest getting "effortless" looking hair requires effort.  My hair is a product of putting it up when wet and rolling it in chun-li buns to achieve a slight wave curl. As it dries, simply take the buns out, work your hands through with a little scrunch. 
In order for it to have any body or volume, you need that product! But who wants to spend $24 on sea salt spray when you can make it for potentially free, as most likely you have most of these ingredients at home. 

OoooOOOoo Eeeee, i love me a messy bun. 

(This sea spray looks way better than the Bumble & Bumble one)

Voila! It pretty much took me 5 min to concoct the spray and I pretty much had everything at home. It turned my texture to "dirty" and a little stiff and volumized. Working with gritty hair is sooooooo way better. Try it, you'll feel like a holistic DIY hair guru badass sans the $24 price tag.

You're welcome and have a bitchin' weekend! Oh yes, and you should visit the shop this weekend as there's a ton of designer goodness that just came in...but you know that's always the case. ;) 



Thursday, June 26, 2014

#TBT Night Shop Event at The Roosevelt Hotel

Yes indeed... It's back, Throwback Thursday! Which means tomorrow is Friday!!!! So, Uhm, hell yeah!!! 
Our #tbt edition is all about how insanely dope our pop-up for the always fun "Night Swim at the Roosevelt" was during Night Shop! Of course who wouldn't want to mix good beats, drinks, and dope fashion and beautiful people in one spot? It only makes since, right!?

Last Tuesday, June 17th, made for a new type of "Night Swim" which has been going on for the past 8 years at The Roosevelt Hotel, with a mix of the young Hollywood crowd along with the new artsy and creatives trekking from DTLA and every other part of LA! Everyone from Daft Punk from Thom York (even Questlove) have taken to the turntables which Usually gets more people on the dance floor than anywhere near the pool! 

This is the first year "Night Swim" hosts "Night Shop" hosted by Crushee and we had a blast along with Beauty Decoded,, and Good Daughter! 

Make sure to come and check us out (buy some fresh gear) and dance the night away with all the #babes (because there are waaaaaay too many) during our next pop-up on Tuesday night August 12th! Check our events page for more Info...

Our beloved Rodrick from #BBLA with fellow blogger  #FeralCreature at last weeks Nigh Swim Event at the Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood CA
Check out all the pictures from the event at RonysPhotoBooth

Black Textures and Gold Accents- Off Duty Style

Hello Beauties! If your in need of some much needed style insperation, look no further- Today on BBLA, I want to introduce you to my Off Duty Look for this upcoming weekend. I'd like to call it my, Sporty yet Sophisticated Flea Market Shopping Look. Hehe jk. But seriously take a look :-)
I wanted to mix a combo of sporty athletic wear with chic basic essentials, and gold accents.  

1. Shirt: Linen. Over-sized Black Linen Shirt is IDEAL and very necessary.
2. Backpack: Prada. Nylon purse that is cute, waterproof, and you can fit everything inside. Yes please.
3. Bra Top: Nike. A white and black zip front sports bra can be layered + gives you extra life ;-)
4. Sandals: Isabel Marant. Black braided leather t-strap thong sandals are just lovely.
6-8. Jewelry: Gold. Add gold accents to brighten up your skin tone add a vibrant touch to your outfit. 
Gold rose studded earrings, check. 14k ball cuff bracelet, check. Gold charm anklet, check.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Itty Bitty Tiny Bikini Timeline

 I know, bikinis are hot! So here is a timeline of this iconic swim suit style with pictures of course! :-) Stay wet ladies!!

Showing a little Tummy
1930 - 1945
During these years, this is when swimwear started to look like the swimsuits we know today. The 1930s swimsuit was very form fitting and made of swim friendly fabric such as latex. This suit showed a lot of the skin- arms and legs were left bare. Then finally in the 1940s, the 1930s swim suit was cut to show some more skin, a few inches above the belly button.

The Bikini is Born
1946 - 1947
The bikini was invented and launched almost simultaneously by two French fashion designers: Jacques Heim and Louis Reard. The original bikinis of the 1940s and 1950s were fairly modest in their coverage, as compared to current standards. Bottoms were cut above the navel, and tops provided full coverage of the bust.

Structure and a step backwards
1950 - 1959
During the 1950s most ideal body was the hourglass figure, very similar to Marilyn Monroe of course. Designers at this time made the swimsuits  more structured with built in support for the bust. Many of these suits had low legs that provided some added modesty for sunbathing in the company of males.

1960 - 1969
In the 1960s the bikini was at its peak in popularity. In the mid-60s is when the bikini became more revealing due to its new material, lycra /spandex.

 The Tinier the Better
1970 - 1979
Swimwear was finally inching up the legs of many women during this time. The 70s bathing suit was definitely more high-cut than the 60s version, but less drastic than the 80s bathing suits, and string bikinis made their first appearance during the 70s.

 Extremely Sexy 80s Onesies
1980 - 1989
The 80s was the decade that turned away from the bikini. However, the bathing suits were still revealing as they had a high leg line and a low neck line and a scooped back, revealing as much skin as possible for a one-piece.

  The 90s
1990 – 1999
Super skimpy, side-boob, Brazilian high cut, bare ALL swim suit. That’s the 90s for you. The small covering bathing suits of this decade brought into question the difference between covering up a little area of the body versus going completely nude. To some there was no difference, and to others it made all the difference.

2000 - 2014
Today one will find various types of bathing suits. Anywhere from cutouts, mesh, wrap around, asymmetrical, runched bottoms, tucked here, tied there...pretty much if you can think of it, it exists as a swimsuit.  
So many styles its hard to keep up with the newest trends! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cedella Marley: Iconic Fashion Line Debute

Wow, its hard to believe that its been over 30 years since the death of the legendary, Bob Marley. His spirit still thrives and lives til this day through so many inspirational musical artist , fashion designers, paintings, graffiti, and numerous other creative and live art. Amongst those artist is his very own daughter, Cedella Marley, who is making her own name in the fashion industry.
Her new label, Marley Apparel, just recently launched its line and it was inspired by her father Bob Marley. The collection is a modern take on iconic pieces he wore including vintage-inspired T-shirts, varsity sweaters, board shorts, and jackets. The tribute pieces not only boast the singer's signature Rastafarian style, but are ethically made.

" Proving that the Marleys are ever the soccer family — Bob Marley was a professional level soccer player — Cedella is also releasing a soccer-inspired capsule collection to coincide with the kick off of the
 World Cup. What's more is that she recently become an ambassador to Jamaica's national women's team, The Reggae Girlz." 

The editors at Marie Clair Magazine just released a press article and Q+A with Cedella to talk about her family, fashion, and soccer! Below I added the interview for our BBLA readers. Enjoy babes.

Marie Claire: Your collection was inspired by your dad. What makes him so stylish and how do you incorporate that into the designs?
Cedella Marley: He put together looks so well with ease — it's just so effortless. How many people can naturally do that? Not many. If you go through the archives, you can find photos of dad rocking those same designs. All we had to do was tweak some things here and there — just to make it our own. 

MC: What were some of his signatures?
CM: Denim on denim! He was fearless in his styling. He'd throw on a jacket, track suit pants, a graphic T-shirt, and wing-tipped shoes. He'd walk out and you'd think, "S**t, I want to get that look."

MC: From a women's perspective, what's it like designer menswear?
CM: It's been fairly easy, I like to stick to the Marley fit, which is a little slimmer on the body. I have seven brothers, so I've dressed each of them. 

Read the rest of this interview here on Marie Claire Magazine.

One of Cedella's designs worn by her son

Monday, June 16, 2014

Baby Blues & Neutrals: Off Duty Style


Hello beauties! Today on BBLA were feeling totally relaxed, and want to keep it that way for the rest of the week. Here are a few of my favorite items this week: comfortable jumpers, vintage pieces, sterling silver and flat platforms. What more can you ask for, stay simple but still sexy in this outfit!

1. Jumper: Splendid- Easy to throw on for a cute relaxed look.
2. Jacket: Vintage Levis- The perfect jean jacket.
3. Shoes: Dries Von Noten- Python and leather comfortable platforms to give you height & comfort!
4. Purse: Vintage Brown leather Bucket bag- You can throw everything you need for the week in one sack.
5. Arm Cuff: Say good bye to a regular old bracelet, this hand crafted arm cuff is a perfect alternative.
 6. Cat Eye Sunglasses: Tom Ford- TOM FORD, YES PLEASE.
7. Earrings: Sterling silver hoops are sassy and classy!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fashion's Most Needed Accessory: Sunglasses

Hello Beauties! Summer is vastly approaching, and we want to make sure you’re ready for this scorcher- Do you have your summer shades picked out yet?! Don’t get caught in the sun without fashion’s most needed summer accessory! Today on Button and Bows blog, we are going to go through a short and very informal history of YOUR favorite accessory: Sunglasses.

This hot trending accessory has not always been a part of fashion; these babies were actually invented to protect our delicate eyes from the harsh rays of the sun! DUH. In the prehistoric and historic time, Inuit peoples (Eskimos) wore flattened walrus ivory "glasses," looking through narrow slits to block harmful reflected rays of the sun and snow (See photo above).   

 An inventor by the name of, Sam Foster, mass produced what we would consider sunglasses today in 1929. Many film stars during this time were commonly wearing sunglasses to help ease there red eyes from the harmful filming lights and rays while filming, but also to help conceal their identity.

By 1938 Life magazine wrote of how sunglasses were a "new fad for wear on city streets, a favorite  of thousands of women all over the U.S." It stated that 20 million sunglasses were sold in the United States in 1937, but estimated that only about 25% of American wearers needed them to protect their eyes!

Now, let's take a closer look at what we consider SHADES today! (Style Inspiration is highly encouraged)

Amazing Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses
Vintage Ray-Ban Advertisement, 1950s
Sunglasses Advertisement, 1960s
Vintage Advertisement, 1960s
Model, Twiggy in the 1960s
Vintage Advertisement, 1970s
Over sized Tinted Sunglasses, 1970s
Vintage YSL Advertisement, 1976
Blonde Beauty from the 1970s
Legend John Lennon with Shades of Glory
Lisa Bonnet looking super fly in the late 1980s
Kate Moss wearing Chanel in the 1990s

Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, 1997

Mui Mui, Fall 2011
Model, Abby Lee Kershaw
Oliver Peoples Advertisement, 2011

Rhianna Arriving at Stella McCartney, Spring 2014
Karen Walker Spring Collection, 2014

 Stay Sexy & Cool.
Happy Summer Babes!!!