Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cedella Marley: Iconic Fashion Line Debute

Wow, its hard to believe that its been over 30 years since the death of the legendary, Bob Marley. His spirit still thrives and lives til this day through so many inspirational musical artist , fashion designers, paintings, graffiti, and numerous other creative and live art. Amongst those artist is his very own daughter, Cedella Marley, who is making her own name in the fashion industry.
Her new label, Marley Apparel, just recently launched its line and it was inspired by her father Bob Marley. The collection is a modern take on iconic pieces he wore including vintage-inspired T-shirts, varsity sweaters, board shorts, and jackets. The tribute pieces not only boast the singer's signature Rastafarian style, but are ethically made.

" Proving that the Marleys are ever the soccer family — Bob Marley was a professional level soccer player — Cedella is also releasing a soccer-inspired capsule collection to coincide with the kick off of the
 World Cup. What's more is that she recently become an ambassador to Jamaica's national women's team, The Reggae Girlz." 

The editors at Marie Clair Magazine just released a press article and Q+A with Cedella to talk about her family, fashion, and soccer! Below I added the interview for our BBLA readers. Enjoy babes.

Marie Claire: Your collection was inspired by your dad. What makes him so stylish and how do you incorporate that into the designs?
Cedella Marley: He put together looks so well with ease — it's just so effortless. How many people can naturally do that? Not many. If you go through the archives, you can find photos of dad rocking those same designs. All we had to do was tweak some things here and there — just to make it our own. 

MC: What were some of his signatures?
CM: Denim on denim! He was fearless in his styling. He'd throw on a jacket, track suit pants, a graphic T-shirt, and wing-tipped shoes. He'd walk out and you'd think, "S**t, I want to get that look."

MC: From a women's perspective, what's it like designer menswear?
CM: It's been fairly easy, I like to stick to the Marley fit, which is a little slimmer on the body. I have seven brothers, so I've dressed each of them. 

Read the rest of this interview here on Marie Claire Magazine.

One of Cedella's designs worn by her son

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