Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm a faux DIY Hair Goddess Guru

Hey gals! It's rare I get to share my personal regimen on how-to's (which i don't have many), but if you're like me and you loathe how unworkable clean hair is, then read up! It's officially summer and it's the time for achieving the beach summer hair look! 
I am probably the most low-maintenance chick on the planet when it comes to maintaining my locks. I hardly have time for a good blow dry before heading into the shop, and let's be honest getting "effortless" looking hair requires effort.  My hair is a product of putting it up when wet and rolling it in chun-li buns to achieve a slight wave curl. As it dries, simply take the buns out, work your hands through with a little scrunch. 
In order for it to have any body or volume, you need that product! But who wants to spend $24 on sea salt spray when you can make it for potentially free, as most likely you have most of these ingredients at home. 

OoooOOOoo Eeeee, i love me a messy bun. 

(This sea spray looks way better than the Bumble & Bumble one)

Voila! It pretty much took me 5 min to concoct the spray and I pretty much had everything at home. It turned my texture to "dirty" and a little stiff and volumized. Working with gritty hair is sooooooo way better. Try it, you'll feel like a holistic DIY hair guru badass sans the $24 price tag.

You're welcome and have a bitchin' weekend! Oh yes, and you should visit the shop this weekend as there's a ton of designer goodness that just came in...but you know that's always the case. ;) 



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