Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Itty Bitty Tiny Bikini Timeline

 I know, bikinis are hot! So here is a timeline of this iconic swim suit style with pictures of course! :-) Stay wet ladies!!

Showing a little Tummy
1930 - 1945
During these years, this is when swimwear started to look like the swimsuits we know today. The 1930s swimsuit was very form fitting and made of swim friendly fabric such as latex. This suit showed a lot of the skin- arms and legs were left bare. Then finally in the 1940s, the 1930s swim suit was cut to show some more skin, a few inches above the belly button.

The Bikini is Born
1946 - 1947
The bikini was invented and launched almost simultaneously by two French fashion designers: Jacques Heim and Louis Reard. The original bikinis of the 1940s and 1950s were fairly modest in their coverage, as compared to current standards. Bottoms were cut above the navel, and tops provided full coverage of the bust.

Structure and a step backwards
1950 - 1959
During the 1950s most ideal body was the hourglass figure, very similar to Marilyn Monroe of course. Designers at this time made the swimsuits  more structured with built in support for the bust. Many of these suits had low legs that provided some added modesty for sunbathing in the company of males.

1960 - 1969
In the 1960s the bikini was at its peak in popularity. In the mid-60s is when the bikini became more revealing due to its new material, lycra /spandex.

 The Tinier the Better
1970 - 1979
Swimwear was finally inching up the legs of many women during this time. The 70s bathing suit was definitely more high-cut than the 60s version, but less drastic than the 80s bathing suits, and string bikinis made their first appearance during the 70s.

 Extremely Sexy 80s Onesies
1980 - 1989
The 80s was the decade that turned away from the bikini. However, the bathing suits were still revealing as they had a high leg line and a low neck line and a scooped back, revealing as much skin as possible for a one-piece.

  The 90s
1990 – 1999
Super skimpy, side-boob, Brazilian high cut, bare ALL swim suit. That’s the 90s for you. The small covering bathing suits of this decade brought into question the difference between covering up a little area of the body versus going completely nude. To some there was no difference, and to others it made all the difference.

2000 - 2014
Today one will find various types of bathing suits. Anywhere from cutouts, mesh, wrap around, asymmetrical, runched bottoms, tucked here, tied there...pretty much if you can think of it, it exists as a swimsuit.  
So many styles its hard to keep up with the newest trends! 

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