Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Today's history lesson: National Lipstick Day

Hello Beauties! I want to quickly wish all you makeup lovers out there a happy national lipstick day! So in the name of today, below is an arrangement of different brands and shades and fun facts about our favorite makeup item of all time!

Lipstick Might Have Implied You Were A Prostitute

Early in the Greek empire, red lipstick or lip paint signaled that a woman was a prostitute, given that most women during that time typically went without makeup.

Lipstick Was An Indicator Of Social Rank
During the Roman Empire, lipstick was used to indicate social status. Even men wore lip paint to suggest their rank. 

George Washington Wore It
Even George Washington would occasionally wear lipstick, makeup, and a powdered wig!

 The Queen Had Her Own Signature Shade Made
Queen Elizabeth II commissioned her own lipstick shade to match her coronation robes at the 1952 ceremony. The soft red-blue was dubbed "The Balmoral Lipstick," named after her Scottish country home.

Lipstick Apparently Caused Diva Moments
Elizabeth Taylor loved her red lipstick so much she apparently demanded that no one else on her movie sets could wear it.

80 Percent Of American Women Wear Lipstick
In the mid-2000s, a poll found that 80 percent of American women wore lipstick, about ten percent more than French women.

Some of our favorite sexy shades are pictured below



Friday, July 25, 2014


A Queen, a Philanthropist, a Wife, a Mother, a Stepmother, a Grandmother, a Great Grandmother and Mother to all!! The strongest, the most beautiful in heart and spirit and the most compassionate woman I adore and admire!! Today she is 68 years strong!! Celebrating LOVE and GRATITUDE!!
 To my mother, HAPPY BIRTHDAY



 One Love

Karen Marley

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Off Duty Style: Weekend Pool Party

What's Up Guys! Today on the Buttons & Bows Blog, I wanted to show you ladies a cute pool side look that includes a few of my favorite items from Buttons & Bows storefront. 

Weekend Summer Pool Attire

1. Swimsuit Cover Up: Blue embroidered sheer cotton dress/coverup by Cynthia Vincent. Available at BBLA.
2. Bronzer: Get sexy shimmery brown skin with this full-body bronzer by Nars. Your legs will look like a million bux!
3. Lip Balm: Keep your lips super soft and kissable with the skin soothing chap stick by EOS.
4. Swimsuit: I absolutely love this bikini by Minimale Animale. Its so understated but very sexy.
5. Sunglasses: Ultra cool shades by Karen Walker, Spring 2014
6. Mascara: This is the BEST mascara ever. It's waterproof plus gives your lashes a dramatic lift.
7. Sandals: Turn heads while wearing a pair of sky-high cork platforms by Christian Louboutin.
8. Ring: Find this one of a kind sterling silver abstract ring (and others) by Heidih Abrhamsom at the BBLA shop.  
9. Leg Chain: Ahhh, I seriously can not get enough of theses super hot thigh high Mera Leg Chains by Haati Chai. These babies are now available at Buttons and Bows, so grab yours while their still hot.
10. Ear Buds: Last but not least, make sure to always carry your House of Marley, Redemption Song In-Ear Headphones, so u can blast away the tunes playing on your Pandora Station. These headphones are fully equipped with a built-in microphone and adjustable volume buttons which makes them super cool!
-Be sure to have order a classy cocktail while lounging poolside! Enjoy.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monochromatic: A How To Guide

Have you ever wanted to do a monochromatic look but feel like you're not edgy enough to pull off this exotic look?  I can help you with that. I know it can be a little scary thinking about wearing the matching tones from top to bottom (Ahem, Santa Clause and Big Bird) but please don't be discouraged, its only fashion!  Check out my how to guide on dressing in monochrome and looking fly as heck while doing so. So keep on scrolling for more one-tone fun!

There is something so refreshing about wearing all white. It does however work best when you fully commit to the whole look I must admit, so maybe match your mani and pedi to your look this summer. Off-white accessories are perfectly matched and keep the whole outfit well balanced, but be sure to pair your all-white look with funky colored shades for a dramatic appearance!

Wearing an all nude skin-tight outfit can come across as provocative, but these two looks are just so sexy, but tastefully done. If all white is a little intimidating for you, try wearing the colors nude, camel, or cocoa. Just be careful with the shade you choose, since it can have the effect of making you look "washed out". Start off with a neutral shaded jacket or mini dress first since it can be refreshing from boring ol' white.

 Peachy Pink
Wearing this delicious color will have you feeling so pretty in pink. Be daring and wear a peachy toned outfit from head-to-toe, or try this beautiful color in a printed skirt and a solid jacket. You can break up the color with this tone since it can be a over whelming, but make sure to wear peach with whites, creams, browns, and even purple! 


This color definitely pops! It's a bold color for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd, so if your shy beware of this monochromatic look. This color looks simply amazing with cream colored accessories for a more understated look and brightens against darker skin tones. This might be my new favorite color :-x


Blues can be mixed up for another style of monochromatic. You can totally wear blue denim and a navy top while still being on trend. It's OK to to be matchy-matchy with your shoes and accessories since navy is still a neutral shade.

Black is the most easiest solid color to wear from head-to-toe. Look chic and extremely cool this summer in an all black outfit. It can read slightly boring to some, so if want to change it up try wearing different textures on top or your bottom and wear bright gold jewelry to accent.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Stylings of the Gong Inspired #OOTD

Myself, pictured here in downtown LA wearing all Buttons & Bows fresh gear!

Hey guys happy Friday! We hope everyone has had a fabulous work week. We are definitely looking forward to a fantastic weekend coming up of unwinding & hanging with friends!

 Today on Buttons & Bows, I want to show off some of the store's current designer pieces that I personally had my eye on. I went in on Monday to take some pictures and pulled two outfits that were inspired by some iconic images of the Gong!

 Summer Blues

Denim on Denim Look 1
Jean Jacket: Vintage Levis unisex Jacket, $30.00
Yellow Top: Helmut Lang, $68.00
Blue Jeans: Frame Denim Jeans, $89.00
Necklace: Haati Chai Gold Pendant Necklace, $72.00
Bracelets: Buttons and Bows Bangles,$14
Belt- Coach Leather Belt, $32.00
Shoes: Mui Mui Cork Platforms, $199

 One of our favorite signature Bob Marley looks is the denim on denim look, usually seen with his perfectly slouched beanie. A true denim aficionado, you can say it was one of his staple uniforms for him. For my outfit I chose these sexy Mui Mui cork platforms, wood jewelry, a bright yellow Helmut Lang top inspired by the rich hues of Jamaica, and of course a vintage Levis jean jacket with skinny jeans by Frame Denim. Simple, not flamboyant, but with a statement just like the Gong.

 Vintage Military Chic

Military Inspired Look 2 
Jacket: Vintage Military Army Shirt/Jacket, $45.00
 Tank Top: Erin Kleinberg Black White Netted Top, $32.00
 Shorts: Chloe Sevigny Black Leather Trim Short Shorts, $65.00
 Hat: Proenza Schouler cap, $40.00
 Scarf: Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo Silk Printed Scarf, $69.00
Bracelets: Char Ant Bolt Bracelet, $120.00
Char Ant Deca Bangles, $40.00
Shoes: Phillip Lim Cheetah Print Espadrilles, $175.00

 For this look we were going for am old school military look. I found a perfect vintage military shirt in the men section at Buttons & Bows and paired it with a pair of Chloe Sevigny leather trimmed olive-toned shorts and a black netted tank top from Erin Kleinberg for an earthy feel. What we love about Bob Marley's style,  is that it was simple and effortless. To take a khaki military shirt and make it rock 'n' roll, is just one of the looks that Bob Marley made his own and oh so iconic!

Check out some of our favorite images of Bob Marley that inspired today's post!


All items available at the store and online.
Styled by: Karen Marley & Kiani Iman