Wednesday, October 15, 2014

BBLA Does Halloween

Check your calendar BBLA Babes, Halloween is fast approaching! Whenever I'm visited by the 
"ghost of Halloween's Past", it's never sugar highs or wild parties I think of fondly. No, this holiday has first and foremost been about the costumes. Dressing up and playing pretend has always been my favorite past time, and I've looked forward to Halloween with a reverent excitement; finally it was my chance to dress up in public! But I've long since grown out the handmade princess costumes that I'd plan out a year in advance, and I'm over dressing up like a witch, as I'm sure all of you are too. Unfortunately, that leaves us with scarce options for dressing up! Any walk down the costume aisle at your local drugstore can leave you underwhelmed. If you're like me, you want to stand out from the crowd come October 31st! You want to make a scene at that party, without wearing a skimpy tutu and cleavage-hugging crop top. Luckily, I've rounded up some super easy and super chic costumes that you can find in the shop! 

Margot Tenenbaum

The original Manic Pixie Dream Girl, who spawned a whole subset of moody, mysterious, and fashionable indie starlets: Margot Tenenbaum. In Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenebaums, Gweneth Paltrow portrays the misanthropic adopted middle child in a family of self-professed genuises. Margot is a soft spoken playwright, who smokes in secret, runs away to libraries, and charms her brother and neighborhood boys to fall in love with her. With her signature fur coat, which she sports no matter the season, and DIY bob-cut pinned back with juvenile hair clip, Margot is a simple look to help you stand out from the crowd--removing your third finger, totally optional.

I achieved this look with everything from the shop. Vintage Moschino dress, Marc Jacobs pumps, and a vintage fur coat.

Josie and the Pussycats

The girl band above all girl bands, Josie and the Pussycats. Originally, just a one-off plot line for the Archie comics of the 60s, Josie and the Pussycats are a cultural phenomenon, more widely known than their predecessor. There's something simulatneously cool and sexy about a trio of crime fighting, spy catching, rock stars that kick but and play guitar all while wearing cheetah print and stilettos. For this costume, I'm using the 2001 adaption as my muse. Starring Even Rachel Wood, Rosario Dawson, and Tara Reid, a Josie, Val, and Meldoy, the movie pins Josie and the gang against an evil record company bent on taking over the world with an army of brainwashed trend-hopping teenagers. The best part about this costume is that you can gather up some of your gal pals and go as a group! 

I achieved this look with an Isabel Marant tank, Annie Bing leather pants, Burberry Wedges, and vintage ABS jacket all in the shop!

Annie Hall

The titular character of Woody Allen's 1977 rom-com is more the hero of her own tale than the neurotic loser played by the director. After a chance meeting, Annie becomes the proverbial "white whale" in Allen's infatuation--think Tom's obsession over Summer in 500 Days of Summer, plus trips to therapy while whining over a dead-end comedy career. While Woody Allen's earlier work veer a little too close to his personal life and often are seen as flat, it's Diane Keaton's role that has remained a strong cultural fixture. The androgynous wardrobe of men's suits and wide-brimmed hats even launched a trend in the early 70's. Ralph Lauren, who contributed several pieces to the costume department, later put out out a line specifically for women to emulate her style!  This look is simple and chic without trying to hard. You'll be sure to impress any film buff you see while trick-or-treating.

This look is with J Brand Slacks, YSL Pumps, Vintage Prada Tote, Frieze leather vest, Vintage Salvatore Tie, and No Label Vintage top!

Cruella DeVille

Let's get a little scary! Cruella Deville is a women who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. She's also one of the only Disney villains who is evil for the sake of being evil (Ursula wanted her power back, Jafar wanted to rule, Scar felt like he was rightful heir to the Pride, and Cruella. . .just wanted to kill 101 puppies to make a coat). Be real, we've all done some scary things in the name of fashion, I know there have been times when I'm not too proud of how I act at a sample sale. So why not embrace your bad side and show off your style? Cruella's look is currently right on trend too--tons of designers have paraded models down the runway sporting luxurious fur coats in their fall collections. This costume is influenced by both the original cartoon and the 1996 Glen Close version. 

This look was created with a Halston stole, Pur Lopez shoes, A + Ellen Dress, and Donna Karan handbag. Dog is totally optional!


"In an old house in Paris, all covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines. The smallest of which, was Madeline!" Here's a costume that's pretty nostalgic--the world's favorite mischievous Parisian school girl and the 2nd most renowned little orphaned redhead. The franchise which spans over 20 picture books, two TV series, eight animated films, and one live action movie is absolutely a main staple from my childhood. At the age of six, many of my days were spent butchering the French words I'd picked up from the show and calling my mother Ms. Clavel after Madeline's nun teacher. This look is simple and fun, definitely a throwback.

I used a vintage Ohbrach coat, Alexander McQueen Skirt, Joie Top, Marc Jacobs pumps, and Vintage hat + scarf!

So, what are you going to be for Halloween? Stop by the shop and let us help you dress up!

Stay Sweet & Keep it Chic


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