Monday, October 13, 2014

Music Crush Monday: FKA Twigs

Unless you have been living under a rock, you're already familiar with music's new "It" girl FKA Twigs. Born Tahlia Barnett, Twigs grew up a dancer in Southern England---a background apparent to anyone who has seen her preform live. Her budding career saw a huge upswing in mid-2012 prior to the release of her first EP after being featured on the cover of i-D magazine; her career is a true testament to the power of social media, with the internet crowning her its new darling. With the face of a Botticelli: doe eyes and round face, with lips in a permit pucker often painted a fire engine red, Twigs is an artist that speaks to the soul. 
Her lyrics are of heartache, of an overwhelming sense of loneliness, of a girl not afraid to be knocked down because she is strong enough to pick herself back up again. It's easy to fall in love with Tahlia, her naturally shy disposition coupled with her unique style grapples you, and her soft soprano voice over a dissonance of her self-produced tracks keep you wanting more. The music world is transfixed with her voice, the blog-o-sphere is enamored with her style and underneath it all, she remains the poster child for the avant garde

Cuff Sold at Buttons and Bows

Arm Band Sold at Buttons and Bows

Rings Sold at Buttons and Bows

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