Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Remembering Oscar De La Renta

It has been said, that the true measure of someone's life can be weighed in how long they remain embedded in the conscious memory after their death; in that respect, Oscar De la Renta will be made immortal. A pioneer in the fashion industry that sprung from his natural ability to draw and love of the female form, De la Renta happened to get his start by chance. It speaks to the nature of pure, raw talent, how a boy from a wealthy family in the Dominican Republic was plucked from obscurity just by sketching a few dresses to make extra money while he went to art school.
As fashion people, we know that clothing is so much more than what we put on our bodies, it is art, it is our living expression and no artist has perhaps embodied that sentiment even more. From old Hollywood glamour in the 60s when he got his start, to most recently crafting the wedding dress for the new Ms. Clooney, De la Renta's career spans decades of starlets and prominent socialites. His knack for grandeur created a niche for the standards of couture we see in the likes of Galliano, Mugler, and the late McQueen; being simultaneously over the top and exhilarating, while still subtle and posh. To say that the Fashion universe lost a legend, would be redundant as his legacy lives on in the dresses he created, in the starlets he clothed, and in the charitable works he endeavored. 

At 82 years old, Oscar De la Renta lived a long and incredible life. Take a look back at some of our favorite moments.

"The only realities in life are that you are born, and that you die. We always think we are going to live forever. The dying aspect we will never accept. The one thing about having this kind of warning is how you appreciate every single day of life."


Written by Kiani

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