Monday, October 6, 2014

Spotlight: Tiffany Kunz

Hey all you BBLA babes, we've got some exciting news to share! We just picked up the most ah-ma-zing jewelry from designer Tiffany KunzIt seems like local  and handmade are buzzwords that are truly in vogue nowadays, and it becomes overwhelmingly frustrating to sift through the many lines available to us to find one that is truly a breath of fresh air. Luckily, with this line we've discovered exactly that. Kunz herself describes her brand as Modern, Thoughtful, and Effortless---we couldn't say it better ourselves. Tiffany's namesake label is a labor of love and a reflection of her personal style. After years of making jewelry for herself and her friends in Utah, Kunz came to LA and has set up a design studio where she hand crafts unique pieces that hearken back to jewelry-smiths and silversmiths at the turn of the century. It's the handmade quality of each item in her collections that really attracts us to her creations. A lot of the time, such craftsmanship is lost on bigger labels, but Tiffany takes pride in being able to craft each mold for her metal and copper designs by hand. The brand is also an eco-friendly phenom, with all the materials utilized in her creative process coming from refurbished metals she gets from factories across the country. 

Kunz's jewelry evokes a soft minimalism that is chic without trying too hard. The industrial quality of each creation is "not too girly, but not too rustic", to add a statement to any look. We're very proud to announce that the designer and her team will be joining us this Thursday, October 9th for ArtWalk in the store. We'll also be selling select pieces from the "Arc" and "Arc Dualitycollections. Come in and say hello to this wonder woman! We hope to see you there.

Keep it Chic and Stay Sweet,

Written by Kiani-Iman

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