Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#WCW: Coco & Breezy

With the way the world works today, it's easy to become the next "new" thing with a juggernaut of social media influence behind you. Twin sisters, Corianna and Brianna, or Coco and Breezy as their brand is called, are definitely a testament to that; but what makes their brand of sunglasses outshine the competition are their delightfully eclectic style and cutting edge design. So often does one assume that the key to a good outfit is by putting your best foot forward rather than focusing on your face; in the world of accessories, glasses usually fall flat. Coco and Breezy are artists, first and foremost--a quality that is reflected in the construction of each piece they create. With sunnies that border on the sleek futuristic industrialism that is apparent in their personal styles, and t-shirts printed with chaotic designs that evoke the look of a Basquiat, these ladies have carved out a niche for themselves in the fashion universe. 
From their humble roots in the sleepy suburbs of Minnesota, the designers were always interested in how style shaped the world around them. They would craft homemade clothing out of old bed sheets and make designs with crayons, always in sync with each other's creative ambitions. They created a name for themselves, as fashion outsiders while visiting New York in 2009, launching their style blog and producing a handful of original designs. Unlike most blogger-turned-designers, Coco and Breezy had a fresh new perspective to offer the world, that was more about creating trends than following them. This understanding of art and design became an instant success and they've been experiencing Cinderella-like popularity ever since. With collaborations with fashion house's like MILLY, most recently for this past NYFW, and the stamp of approval from powerhouse celebs like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, this simple brand of eyewear is on its way to taking over the way we see street-style.

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