Monday, October 20, 2014

Your Fall Reading List

Fall is made for reading. There is something about the longer nights and cooler air that is fit for bundling up in blankets and losing yourself in a good book. It's very easy to forget the comfort of reading; of crinkling pages and underlining your favorite parts, or even the smell of books. Even I, a self-professed bibliophile, finds it hard to put in in the time to devote to someone else's world. But this season, I'm dedicating all my nights to a book. While the obvious choice for somber October evenings would be some collection of stories by Edgar Allen Poe or a chilling thriller by Stephen King, sometimes, you need a little more substance to hold you over. 

Rookie: Yearbook Three

There's not much that say about Tavi Gevinson that hasn't been already. After coming on the scene at the tender age of thirteen with her now defunct blog, thestylerookie, Tavi has been a force to be reckoned with. It was clear back in 2010 that she was a girl with ambition, fast forward to the present and she can now call herself an actress, model, and--of course--a writer. Set to be released October 21st, comes the third installment of a series of companion works to her website RookieMag. This reads less as story and more as an encyclopedia. Rookie: Yearbook is filled with stories from her celebrity style icons and DIY tutorials from Tavi and her fellow teenage writers that contribute to the website. If you're in the mood for a little teen angst, a little bit of advice on those embarrassing moments from high school and how they relate to your adult life, and a little bit of tips on how to emulate the style of  your favorite Wes Anderson character, pic up a copy. This is one book you won't want in digital.

NOT That Kind of Girl

While Girls creator, Lena Dunham boldly proclaims to be "Not that Kind of Girl", in the title of her book, as you read it you start to get an idea of exactly the type of girl she is. While her art, sometimes imitates life, Dunham's character on the show is a stark contrast from the shy, seldomly quirky, and over-analytic person she actually is. Consider this a book for the feminists of the millennium, while Dunham chronicles her tussles with scale and pervy bosses, always coming out of it with her head held high, if not
with a few battle scars. 

Women in Clothes

Imagine sitting in a room with yourself and six hundred of your closet gal pals, talking about your favorite clothing. While that isn't much of stretch for the imagination, that is exactly what Women in Clothes, brings to the table. It's an anthology of collected works and essays from women around the world, from the famous, to the girl-next-door, about clothing and how it shapes the worlds around them. As fashion people, we know that the clothes on our back are more than just what they appear, each article has a story behind it, or a memory stitched in the lining--fashion is, after all, living art. This book is filled with the behind-the-scenes scoops on a red carpet look and the story behind a wedding dress as a part in an arranged marriage.

Gone Girl

Before you head to the movies to watch Ben Affleck in his latest role, you've got to pick up this thriller. It's one part "film noir", one part psychological trip as a small town in Missouri is turned upside down when local Amy Dune goes missing. Her husband Nick is the prime suspect as his marriage comes under fire by snooping reporters and nightmarish in-laws. This is a tale about infidelity, love, and loss all set in a picturesque town with a seedier side. It's Twin Peaks, minus all of the supernatural, with writing that keep on the edge of your comfiest chair.

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