Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cara Delevingne: Chanel's Reincarnation

Is there anything fashion "It Girl" Cara Delevingne  can't do? Earlier this year, she set the internet ablaze after confirming her being cast in 2015's teen blockbuster drama Paper Towns (based on the book written by John Green who brought us this year's tearjerker The Fault in Our Stars), and she also dabbled in a little bit of singing with rap dou Die Antwoord in their new single Ugly Boy. Next up for Cara is the soon to be released editorial short film for Chanel, in which she costars with Pharrell Williams (who also composed the soundtrack.


The film, written and directed by Karl Lagerfeld himself,  follows a young Coco Chanel on a trip to Austria in the 50s, on which she meets the inspiration behind the iconic Chanel tweed jacket. Williams and Delevingne portray Austrian royalty Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth. The movie is one part Cinderella, one part Anastasia, and all parts as magical and intricate as the Chanel runway shows of late. It seems like Lagerfeld is really tapping into his sense of theatrics with his latest projects, spinning a new era to the iconic fashion house that takes a much pride in presentation as it does with the clothing they make. We'll have to wait until mid-Decemeber to see the full film but the teaser was just realeased on Chanel's website to hold you over until then, featuring a preview of a Cara and Pharrell duet.

Check it out Below!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Barbie Girls

There aren't many 52 year-olds standing at 11.5 that have remained fashion icons since birth; but then again, there isn't anyone who can come as close to as lavish a lifestyle as that of Barbie. Since her conception in 1956, creator Ruth Handler had her vision set on fabricating a doll that appealed to her young daughter's (and Barbie namesake, Barbara Handler) fashion sense and wild imagination. Prior to her stepping out on the scene, no doll was quite like Barbie. The toy aisles of the 50s were filled with infantile baby dolls that catered to little girls eventual roles as housewives and mothers, but Barbie changed it all. From veterinarian to racecar driver to astronaut, Barbie has done just about everything---all while rocking while rocking six-inch pink pumps and cocktail dresses. While Barbie, like anything in pop culture, is not without her valid critiques, it's hard not to argue that she's an easily identifiable feminist icon: Barbie tells girls they can be anything they want to and still be as pretty as they want. 

Taken from Barbie's Instagram @BarbieStyle
Barbie is unapologetically feminine and tough in a world that constantly tells us girls that we can be one or the other, but never both. This year, Barbie and her friends, Christie, Teresa, and Midge have been inspiring a slew of fashion companies with "Pink and plastic, oh so fantastic" looks. Most notably, Jeremy Scott pegged the doll as his muse for his Spring/Summer Moschino collection this September. The collection was both a parody and celebration of Barbies iconic style. She can even be seen rocking pieces of it on her very own Instagram page (which is pretty much an endless collection of miniature fashion inspiration as Barbie pals around with Diane Von Furstenberg, Karl Laggerfeld, Anna Wintour, and tons of other fashion heavyweights). Following suit is Wildfox Couture's new Look Book and accompanying line which poses two models as the real life Barbie and Christie (minus boyfriends Ken and Steven) in a palatial Malibu dream house. For those of us who have long since outgrown our "My Barbie and Me" dress up gowns, the time has come again to be able to look just like everyone's favorite Doll.

Barbie x Jeremy Scott

From Wild Fox Couture's New Barbie Inspired Lookbook

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What to Watch: The Fashion Fund

Television of the millennium is over saturated with "Reality TV". While it's apparent that America's favorite housewives or the kids of the Jersey Shore have encounters that are so set-up, it's almost scripted, the front runner of Reality TV will always be competition shows. You can blame it on American Idol, which spawned so many knock-off singing shows it's hard to keep up with the newest editions, but every channel has their own competitive show, in which you can root for your favorite talent. You like special effects? Watch Syfy's Face-Off. You like cooking? There's Top Chef, Iron Chef, or Food Network Star. You like manis and pedis? You've got Oxygen's Nailed It.  However, fashion lovers have long been given scarce options to give them their TV fix; with America's Next Top Model and Project Runway, we got fabricated and sensationalized peek into how the industry operates. Last year though, Ovation TV provided a breath of fresh air with its series The Fashion Fund, which makes it's return tonight. The show feels more like a documentary compartmentalized into several hour long episodes, instead of a chronicle of made-for-tv drama.
2014 Winner Paul Andrew
The Fashion Fund  follows ten emerging designers with established brands as they compete for a $300,000 reward from the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and Vogue USA. Last year the council awarded New York based designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne of Public School, whose raw talent and chic street style swept the competition. This year, up and coming shoe designer Paul Andrew took home the money to get his company off the ground. While the winner of the competition is already known on the internet, as the awards take place months in advance, the show offers real insight into the way the fashion industry works. You're give real glimpses into the usually private, Anna Wintour's thoughts, or remarkable advice from Diane Von Furstenberg (not unlike what you see on her own new show).

The CDFA with Winner Paul Andrew

2013 Winners Public School and Runners-Up

Monday, November 17, 2014

Over the weekend, singer Solange Knowles tied the knot with her long time boyfriend, video director Alan Ferguson, and we are still reeling over how amazing the ceremony photos are. It's been a whirlwind year for Knowles, with her performance at Coachella earlier this year and the infamous Elevator debacle, but it looks like she's ending it with a bang. The couple celebrated their nuptials in New Orleans, with a simple and elegant ceremony attended by 100 guests, which included Beyonce, Jay-z, singer Janelle Monae, and J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons. Solange has lived with her son in NOLA for only one year, but it's obvious the artist has found her "forever home". 
The festivities were officially kicked off on Saturday, the 15th, with a screening of Mahogany starring Diana Ross, which the newlyweds had watched on their first date together. It's clear that that simple elegance and classy aesthetic of the lead character, who aspired to be a fashion designer. Her pre-wedding look was a cream pantsuit, designed by Stephanie Rolland (she later changed into two more Rolland suits throughout the night), which she was seen sporting on the way to the Holy Trinity Church, on a white beach cruiser, alongside Ferguson. She later changed into an ivory colored Humberto Leon for Kenzo wedding gown. Her knack for thinking out to the box with fashion was apparent all weekend, with the singer gravitating towards looks that played up the drama with bold cuts and lots of capes. 

Beyonce and Jay-z, with Solange's 10 year old son, Julez
Mama Knowles
Bey and Blue
Solange's Son Julez
Jenna Lyon's of J. Crew

Singer Janelle Monae 

Check Out This Cute Video from the Reception!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fur & Trench

Hey all you BBLA babes! Our favorite part about Fall are the endless options for layering. With its longer nights and crisper air, this season is all about bundling up to stay warm while you pound the pavement or hit up a fun party. Fall's new "it" factors for your outermost layer are two of our favorite pieces: Furs and Trenches. Take a look at some style inspo from the runway and some pieces we have in stock right now!

Left to Right: Celine, Lanvin, Dior

Blame it on film Noir heavy weight, Dick Tracy, but there is something mysterious and sexy about Trench Coats. You can really sink into a Femme Fatale vibe when you're wrapped up and warm with this staple pieces in your fall wardrobe.

Creatures of the Wind

Victoria Beckham

Miu Miu


Be sure to check out all the amazing Trenches we have in the shop!

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Fur and Fab
Left to Right: Cavalli, McQueen Fendi

Furs are a timeless piece to add to your collection. If you're looking to add a little drama to your look, go with a fur that has a bold color. 


Ralph Lauren



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