Monday, November 24, 2014

Barbie Girls

There aren't many 52 year-olds standing at 11.5 that have remained fashion icons since birth; but then again, there isn't anyone who can come as close to as lavish a lifestyle as that of Barbie. Since her conception in 1956, creator Ruth Handler had her vision set on fabricating a doll that appealed to her young daughter's (and Barbie namesake, Barbara Handler) fashion sense and wild imagination. Prior to her stepping out on the scene, no doll was quite like Barbie. The toy aisles of the 50s were filled with infantile baby dolls that catered to little girls eventual roles as housewives and mothers, but Barbie changed it all. From veterinarian to racecar driver to astronaut, Barbie has done just about everything---all while rocking while rocking six-inch pink pumps and cocktail dresses. While Barbie, like anything in pop culture, is not without her valid critiques, it's hard not to argue that she's an easily identifiable feminist icon: Barbie tells girls they can be anything they want to and still be as pretty as they want. 

Taken from Barbie's Instagram @BarbieStyle
Barbie is unapologetically feminine and tough in a world that constantly tells us girls that we can be one or the other, but never both. This year, Barbie and her friends, Christie, Teresa, and Midge have been inspiring a slew of fashion companies with "Pink and plastic, oh so fantastic" looks. Most notably, Jeremy Scott pegged the doll as his muse for his Spring/Summer Moschino collection this September. The collection was both a parody and celebration of Barbies iconic style. She can even be seen rocking pieces of it on her very own Instagram page (which is pretty much an endless collection of miniature fashion inspiration as Barbie pals around with Diane Von Furstenberg, Karl Laggerfeld, Anna Wintour, and tons of other fashion heavyweights). Following suit is Wildfox Couture's new Look Book and accompanying line which poses two models as the real life Barbie and Christie (minus boyfriends Ken and Steven) in a palatial Malibu dream house. For those of us who have long since outgrown our "My Barbie and Me" dress up gowns, the time has come again to be able to look just like everyone's favorite Doll.

Barbie x Jeremy Scott

From Wild Fox Couture's New Barbie Inspired Lookbook

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