Monday, November 3, 2014

Scorpio Season & Earthstrong Wishes

It's Scorpio Season and the BBLA Fam is sending out Happy Earthstrong wishes to two of our team members! It's double-trouble with these two strong ladies, who celebrate birthdays only a day apart. True to their sign, these ladies are headstrong, natural born leaders with a bit of a sassy side. 

Get to Know Them Below!

Mo aka Dillon Delacriox
Birthday: November 3rd
How Long Have You Been with BBLA: 2009, baby! 
Style Icon: A cross between Natalie Suarez from Natalie Off Duty (we have the same birthday ;) & Karen Marley. Karen's always been a style unicorn to me from the beginning.
Favorite Song: Any song from the ol' music blog Any of those because they invoke nostalgic moments in my life. Love Herb Alpert Rotation. Gets me every time. The video is so 90's Malibu too!
Favorite Movie: Big! The trampoline scene in his loft gets me every time! Tom hanks also said his birthday was Nov. 3rd and that he had a birthmark on his left cheek when he was trying to verify himself to his mother in that one scene! Funny enough I share the same factoids in real life. Double whammy!
Favorite Book: Hunter Thompson's Hell's Angels, because it was well-written, hunter is an amazing well-versed author; it was like you were there in the 1970's; I'm slightly obsessed with the motorcycle culture (I blame it on my man & the sons of anarchy tv series), and I'm shortly on my way to taking moto lessons!
Favorite Birthday Memory: My 30th birthday. Just lookup the hashtag #lemoveablefeast to get a jist. It was an au revoir to every moment and through my twenties entering thirty. In a nutshell: fake tattoo bar, tarot card reader, bouncy princess house, gourmet taco cooking contest, craft cocktail bar, my favorite local dj's spinning the best tunes, kissing booth built my boyfriend israel, blankets on the grass, candle light, pin the tail on the donkey, piñata, and the best 250 friends that showed up. Don't know if we can top that ever!
Favorite BBLA Memory: When marquis, the amazing violinist/vocalist performed in our store during art walk. Definitely one for the books!
Biggest Vice: Other consignment/resale stores, WINE, music digging, and cooking!
Words You Live By: "It takes 13 hours to build a Toyota and 6 months to build a rolls Royce."


Birthday: November 5th
How Long Have you Been with BBLA: Since April, but it feels like forever.
Style Icon: Gwen Stefani, My mom, Zoe Kravitz. I like a mix of tomboy and sexy. It's pretty obvious with my style too.
Favorite Song: At the moment, I keep listening to "Two Weeks" by FKA Twigs, but my all time fave is "Gloria" by Patti Smith.
Favorite Movie: Probably Clueless or Blue Velvet. Or anything John Waters. I like really weird movies with long dialogue. 
Favorite Book: I really love Harry Potter! But books that I go back to always are "Never Let Me Go", by Kazuo Ishigura or "The Virgin Suicides" by Jeffery Eugenics. I'm kinda into sad books that make me reflect on my life & the choices I make.
What got you interested in Vintage Fashion: I was raised on resale by my mommy. She's a bargain hunter. So I've kinda always been into wearing vintage. I used to wear this dope leather coat I got from JetRag at 5 all the time. I was the best dressed kid on the playground.
Favorite Birthday Memory: I had a Spice Girls themed party when I was 5 or 6 at this cool kiddy place called "The Discovery Zone". My mom dressed up as Scary spice, it was pretty amazing. Total 90s baby party. Then right afterwards, I went to my first concert--Spice Girls at the Forum!
Favorite BBLA Memory: Probably NightSwim. Mo and I danced to some interesting DJ mix and sold jewelry all night.
Biggest Vice: Starbucks Coffee. I get made fun of in the store. I have it everyday.
Words You Live By: "I had no proof that I had the stuff to be an artist, though I hungered to be one" --Patti Smith

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