Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pisces Earthstrong

It's common knowledge that Scorpios essentially have a monopoly on the Fashion Industry, leading the pack in all venues from the models on the runway to the behind-the-scene big dogs, but coming in at close second are Pisces. There's something about water signs, with their naturally deeply intuitive and emotional natures that makes them best suited for the arts. As Pisces season hit full throttle, we wanted to send out some Earthstrong Wishes to BBLA's own resident Pisces--coowner and founding partner, Karen Marley as well as some of our other favorite fashionable fishes. 

Check them out below!

First and foremost, we're sending out Earthstrong wishes to Karen Marley!!! With a birthday on February 26th, Karen is born at the beginning phases of Pisces which makes her pretty much the best kind of Pisces. Those born between February 19th and the 29th are naturally inclined to be selfless, intuitive and romantic. They have a strong imagination and would see beauty and poetry in everything, which describes our Karen perfectly. This warm and inviting woman shares her passion for fashion with the world in our store and by teaming up with her sister, Cedella to design. Her closet is so vast it was the inspiration behind BBLA. We wish you a Happy Birthday and many, many, many more!

                                          The always fashionable, Rihanna is right on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. She recently celebrated her 27th birthday on February 20th with rumored boyfriend Leonardo Dicarprio and other celebrity friends including Naomi Campbell, Beyonce + Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Bill Murray, Mick Jagger,  and Paris Hilton. The star studded bash was held at a private home Beverly Hills and was documented--in true Rihanna style all over instagram. While in-betweenies get traits from both signs they border, t's clear her personality leans more towards Pisces with her deep sensual nature as evident by her style. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The late, great Alexander McQueen is a Pisces who would've been celebrating his 46th birthday on St. Patrick's Day (March 17th). While his unfortunately and untimely death lives on in infamy, his designs and unfathomably unique work survives and remains as proof to the depth of his genius. True to his sign, McQueen possessed a deep and brooding emotionally calculative mind. 

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